Search all 100+ CHP Project Profiles

Recycled energy is growing in the U.S. thanks to word of mouth about successful applications in each market sector. We are glad to help spread the word on successful projects with the launch of a new national search tool for recycled energy project profiles, live on our website at

You can search for project profiles by market sector, state, technology type, system size (MW), fuel type, thermal energy use, year installed, or any combination. The database contains over 130 project profiles and counting, all put together by the eight U.S. DOE Regional Clean Energy Application Centers. Each project profile, typically two pages in length, contains a project's site description, full technical details, reasons for installing recycled energy, unique aspects, results to date, lessons to share, and more. Thanks go out to US DOE Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (EERE) for sponsoring the search tool.

The project profiles are ideal for showing other businesses in each market sector the benefits of recycled energy, or for educating policymakers about the economic benefits of clean energy in local districts.


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