Micro-grids with CHP – Improving Campus and Community Resilience

May 2, 2017, 12:00 PM CST

Micro-grids with CHP (DE-CHP) is quickly becoming a cost effective and efficient way to improve resilience for campuses and communities. Micro-grid with CHP can provide reliable electricity, as well thermal and cooling services. This joint U.S. DOE Southwest Combined Heat and Power Technical Assistance Partnership (SW CHP TAP) and IDEA webinar will present strategies, best practices and decision variables that will help move the deployment of District Energy with CHP on hospital campuses as an efficient and resilient clean energy solution.


  • Carlos Gamarra, P.E. CEM, Energy Engineer with DOE Southwest CHP TAP will discuss opportunities for deployment of micro-grid applications and specific examples.
  • Gavin Dillingham, Director of the DOE Southwest CHP TAP will give an overview of CHP, and how the CHP TAP can work with your facility to evaluate the potential for CHP.


Listen to the recording here

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